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Welcome to Tri Net Technology

Tri Net Technology (TnT) offers clients the ability to use software in a server (cloud) environment. This allows businesses to eliminate the need for having any hardware or software in their physical environment.

Cloud technology solutions also streamline the upgrade and maintenance of application software without any involvement of the company’s time or labor. The client need only monitor the application or use a specific software program the same as always.

If you're looking for safety and security in the clouds for your backups, email and virtual servers we invite you to peruse the website featuring some of our cloud computing services or speak directly with a virtualization specialist.

TnT Products & Services

Cloud technology solutions allow any company the ability to have cutting edge technology without the cost and expertise.

TnT can offer an on line back up application, for your disaster recovery program to ensure you do not lose any vital document.

If your company is looking to down size their hardware and IT costs, one of the areas can be moving your email system to a cloud server email application environment. An older Exchange server can be quite expensive to replace but moving that application to a cloud will be far less expensive and your IT costs dramatically will be reduced. TnT can offer you a web mail program with spam filtering and archiving for a fraction of the cost of trying to do that in your facility.


If you are looking to virtualize your business with cloud computing technologies
Contact TnT Virtualization Consultant for more information or to order our cloud computing solutions.

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